Monday, February 25, 2013

My Magical Sleek Soda Making Machine (Sodastream)

What, you may ask, is that? That is a new style of Sodastream called The Source, and it is awesome. Let me tell you a story - One day I was saying to my husband, "Husband, I think we need a sodastream. I'm hugely pregnant, craving seltzer, but do not want to lug bottles home with me from the store, nor do I want to create the waste of all the empty bottles." Or it was something to that affect anyway.  Magically an email appeared in my inbox offering me one of these sleek new machines to try out for the blog. YES. But then before I could try it out, a little thing happened to me - I had a baby. Bad timing for my review. Or maybe not, because now I've had the Sodastream Source for a couple of months, and we've had time to really put it work and it is indeed AWESOME.
First, it does look sleek, so it's ok that is sits in our living room (we have a tiny city-dweller kitchen so we can't keep it in there).  Second, It fun to watch someone use it. My kids are enthralled with it. My 2 year old watches with delight and screams with joy as we push down the front part, it lights up and makes a noise as it carbonates. My daughter, while only a couple of months old now, still likes the light.
And most importantly, it makes great seltzer whenever we want it. Which is alot these days. as I'm setting the table, hey - let's make some seltzer.  It doesn't matter that I haven't gone to the grocery store! The kit includes one bottle and many flavors. So far I've tried the root beer (loved it), the cranberry-raspberry (loved it), diet grapefruit (liked it, we just aren't so into diet pop), and the flavor essences (makes a lightly flavored seltzer rather than actual pop - we LOVE these).
My only issue with the set is that we need more bottles, guess I'll head out to Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond for those! by the way, those are stores that carry this magical machine, as does Amazon of course (they have almost everything, right?).