Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Your little carpenter

4-Piece Tool Set
Nate LOVES tools. Loves them. He has a couple different tool sets and his daddy's wooden tool bench from when he was a kid. He even has a little "real" tool box that he is only allowed to play with when Daddy is sitting with him (Mommy would work to but I like for them to have something that is just theirs). And just to make sure you know everything isn't gendered in our family, I want to point out that I'm the one the kids see actually use the real tools! Anyway, now the baby is mobile and wants the big kid toys, so I thought she should have her own tools. I think we'll start with this tool set. They are made of rubber foam, so nothing to hurt - which also means it's a great car toy. I try not to allow any hard toys in the car because they could become dangerous projectiles, I'm always looking for softer things they can hold onto in the car and here is a perfect choice!

You can find them at 

Monday, August 19, 2013

the anti-mom jean mom jean

You're probably wondering what that title means, it means that while mom jeans have a bad rap, I have found some great jeans for moms. Behold, the secret of the mid-rise waist! I was iffy on them, thought they'd create the dreaded muffin top, look frumpy, etc. But, here's the great part - they are amazing! They hide problem areas - I'm very fit and pretty thin, and I'm still going to have to retire my lowest of low rise jeans for 2 reasons - 1) after having 2 kids it just doesn't work, and 2)I spend most of my day bending over to pick up people or things, and I'd rather not flash my underwear.

These are from the Gap where you can get 40% off your order today (use code FALLFIX), I highly recommend trying these. They are light, thin, stretchy and have that great mid-rise waist. Perfect for fall with a longer top and flats or boots.
Gap 1969 Legging Jeans - santa cruz blue Gap 1969 Legging Jeans - black