Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Summer Weekend Shoe

A good friend who also happens to be a very busy working mom of three emailed me recently asking for some weekend summer shoe suggestions. She had been wearing flip flop type shoes for weekend wear, but is ready for something a little more grown up. I'm more than happy to help her (and those of you like her) looking for the perfect weekend shoe - which means it needs to work for running after kids at the park, running errands,  bbq's, birthday parties, etc. Basically it has to look nice and be really comfortable. I say no to the wedge flip flop for several reasons; first, flip flops are pretty much beach and shower shoes as far as I'm concerned. At least for adults. Second, they are not great for the foot - no support for the arches, bad for the ankles, and add a wedge and you are asking for a disaster. I've broken my ankle enough times (how many times is enough you might be asking, once is probably enough but I've broken my ankle 3 times!) to know those are not the kind of shoes I want to be wearing to run around after kids. And third, we want attractive shoes people!

So here goes -
1) the Ecco Bouillon Peep Toe flat
ECCO Women's Bouillon Peep-Toe Flat

It's cute, and a little edgy with a tiny wedge in the back to give a little extra height, and Ecco shoes are usually quite comfortable. They come in Black, the cool blue shown above, and a really nice neutral taupe.

2)Cole Haan Bria Sling back -

Cole Haan Women's Bria T Sling Flat

Cole Haan's now incorporate nike air technology into alot of their shoes, my go-to casual shoe is a closed toe flat with a similar sole to this one. It's great. I like the silver - I love a metallic shoe for everyday casual wear, but if you aren't ready for that, they come in black as well.

3) Via Spiga Moon Peep Toe flat -

Via Spiga Women's Moon Peep Toe Flat

This one incorporates several trends, the "flatform," and the cork sole, without being ridiculously high and unwearable. These are really cute and would be great for everyday use.

4) Clarks Shutter Shade Espadrille

Clarks Shutter Shade Sandals

Perfect if you want some extra height from your casual shoe, and in addition to being cute are supposed to be very comfy.

5) Clarks Fiddle Scroll Sandal -

Clarks Women's Fiddle Scroll Sandal

Again, great for the height and comfort while also looking cute.

6) Aerosoles Plush Around Wedge -

Aerosoles Women's Plush Around Wedge Sandal

Love this one for a comfortable way to pull off the 70's trend.

Ok, 7 options seem like a good start. Both sites I pulled these from offer free shipping and free returns, so you can order several styles and sizes at once without feeling guilty! Also, all of these would look great with walking shorts, capris, pants or skirts, so you don't have to worry about putting together outfits.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Our New Sleep Method

We have been sleep training out of sheer desperation. We need sleep! I'm so sleep deprived and rundown that I got horribly sick this last week. We made it through the first couple of days of Passover at our Aunt and Uncle's house, to get home and become ridiculously sick. I'm talking two ear infections and an eye infection, and that's just the start for me. Anyway, we've been reading this sleep training book -

It sounds so sane, that the baby needs 3 naps and an early bedtime to be happy and well rested. Which also lead to happy and well-rested parents. So, as hard as it was to let little Nate cry it out, we have been doing it and it's gotten easier.  We did discover a few things that help him fall asleep and stay asleep longer, thanks to friends experiences - like stuffing him with as much breastmilk as possible, we're talking 8 oz. I didn't know he was capable of drinking so much at once yet, but he is. These bottles help us -

And then there is white noise. The magical white noise. We discovered it worked by accident, leaving a fan on. So we've been leaving a fan on high all night, but that didn't seem like a good long term option. So we got this sleep sheep noise machine -

It plays in 23 or 45 minute intervals, so it won't have to go on all night. I set it to 45 minutes on the rain sound (the heartbeat scared the crap out of him, guess he is too old to miss mom's heartbeat), and after a 8 oz bottle he squawked for about 5 minutes before passing out. Sleep training success! I have no idea if it will last, although last night there wasn't even any complaining before falling asleep!

* - I have to add a little update, that our little man is actually napping. In his bed. At the appointed hour. This is bliss.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dress Sale

30% off all dresses at Isabella Oliver, both maternity and the 365 (non-maternity) lines. I love the maternity dresses, I had a couple for my pregnancy and they were fantastic. For Summer I'd get something like this one -

You can dress it up with heels and jewelry, or wear it for day with sandals or flats - it's so cute with the baby bump.

They also have this maxi-dress -

Use code Dresses30 to get the discount on these and many others.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The 'non-diaper bag' diaper bag

I have been using canvas bags as purses of late because I always have the baby's stuff with me, and while I wear him in the ergo, I don't want to carry a diaper bag. I choose canvas or cloth because I don't want the added weight of a leather bag or to sweat on the leather under my arm. So...I spied this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and actually think it could be the perfect "mom" bag - while looking fresh and stylish.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Rufous Hummingbird Bird Tote

In order to use a bag like this as a diaper bag, I either use a diaper clutch type of thing or use something amazingly convenient but bad for the environment - I take gallon ziploc bags and place one disposable changing pad and one diaper in each bag (I learned this trick for flying - then you have a bag to throw the dirty diaper away in), then toss a small package of wipes into the bag, an extra outfit (I take a footie just cuz it's easiest to carry and doesn't require thinking about a multi-piece outfit) and my nursing cover and I'm ready to anywhere. If your kid spits up a lot, just add a burp cloth. It's so easy, I go all over town like this - Nate in the Ergo and me with just a slightly oversized canvas bag. Have kid, will travel!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I was never so interested in tunics. I thought they looked cute on other people but for a petite woman, they can be overwhelming. But I have changed my tune. I was looking through a little boutique here in Berkeley and decided to try on a couple. I thought they would be easy to wear now if they button down the front for nursing access, and I can wear them with slim leg jeans, skinny jeans or yes - the legging I was so against for so long. For the record, I still think leggings aren't pants, but under an appropriately long top, they do the job.

Anyway, the boutique had a few versions, one in a thick cotton with lovely embroidery, and a gorgeous red version of this one made by Velvet -

The cotton in the tunic by Velvet was thin and soft and draped much better than the other, it was also a slimmer cut which was much more flattering. The other one overwhelmed my frame. I ended up getting the red one - it's also machine washable which is a deal breaker these days considering how much of my time is spent with a now 4 month old(4 months already!). You can find the white and black versions at Revolve -

I also really like this one from Boden -

Embroidered Kaftan

I love the color and embroidery, that would be fun to wear with slim white capris.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Post Baby Swimsuit

Summer is approaching, and I've been thinking about what kind of swimsuit I'd be comfortable wearing, other than the sport suit I wear to the pool for workouts. I wouldn't want to wear that to beach anyway, and I'm definitely not ready to put on one of my bikinis. Then, as fate would have it, a Boden catalog arrived this week with this suit -

Chic Swimsuit

I love the v-neck, the ruching, and the tummy control panel. It looks nice while doing all the things I need it to - flatten my stomach and create the illusion of a narrower waist. Perfect, a new (new-mom friendly) swimsuit found!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Adorable baby shoes

How cute are these little shoes???

Umi makes adorable baby shoes for boys and girls, and though they are pricey, they have this deal going on now - Take 15% off any purchase at UmiShoes.com plus free shipping and returns! Use code Link15 at checkout!

They have a little size ruler you can download from the site and print out to measure your little one's feet, that way you will get the correct size, and they come with room to grow on purpose - so don't order large unless you are getting something for later.