Friday, December 16, 2011

We Have a Picky One...

Something happened last week. Aside from Nate turning 1 I mean. He also became a picky eater. One day he ate everything I offered, and with gusto. The next he was pursing his lips and turning his head, a big fat "no thank you mama" from a pre-talker. Nice. What's a girl to do with a newly picky eater? I have no experience with this, my sister and I ate everything, including raw garlic (ahem, Erica).

But, Nate had decided he will eat bread and fruit, and some dairy products but only a bit. Awesome. Vegetables? Nope. The lentil soup he used to snarf down as quickly as I could shovel it in? No. Ditto for the spaghetti and meat sauce he used to love. sad. I love to cook and he will no longer eat what I prepare (except for the bread which I make).

Thank goodness for those pouches of organic babyfood. Brands like HappyBaby, Ella's Kitchen, Plum Organics and Sprout. They know how to hide the veggies in a way that even this picky eater will eat them. Broccoli? No problem as long as it's hidden in pears from Happy Baby. When mommy makes it he combs it off his tongue with his fingers. Really, he does that.

So, lucky for me Plum Organics pouches are on sale at, buy one get one free. It's a really good deal for good organic food in pouches that are made without all those scary materials (BPA, Phalates, etc). Use code PLUMGIFT.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wait, Hanukkah Already?

For years I felt like all the holidays snuck up on me. In California, without real weather changes the High Holidays in the Fall were the worst, meaning a few days beforehand I would slap my forehead and realize we didn't have dinner plans. That was of course before we started going to Greg's aunt and uncle's place every year. Hanukkah isn't a big deal, it's not a religious holiday, and the gift-giving is pretty much for kids (and Nate was born on the last day of the holiday). The only real ritual is lighting the menorah (and eating fried food, yum) and usually I would forget until the day it started and have to run around looking for candles.

Now that we have Nate things are a little different. I plan ahead more, look at the calendar, think about what we are going to do. But I was still shocked to go to Target yesterday to find that almost all the hanukkah decorations were already sold out, and at Michael's they were already on the sale rack. We have more than 10 days people, what do you expect?????

If you are like me and haven't been preparing already, then there are still some things at Target, some very cute menorahs actually. They have subdued traditional ones and wacky ones for the kids (sports theme, ballet theme, etc) and in the store I saw a very nice looking Noah's Ark menorah, although I think it was wood so not sure how that works out with candles. So, if you are putting this off get over there now to get what you need. I probably should have bought my candles yesterday but oops, totally forgot even as I was standing there looking at the display....

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sweet Gift Sets

Time is flying by, sweet baby Nate will be 1 on Friday! I can't believe it. It's also December, almost time for Hanukkah, Christmas...lots of gift giving. I got an email from Splendid about their gift sets which look really lovely, like this scarf set -

You can wear them separately or all together. A nice cozy gift.
They also have adorable sets for kids and babies, like this girls legging set -

and adorable baby rompers -

So much fun!