Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Favorite Nursing Tank and Bra

While I've only been nursing for less than 6 weeks, I feel like a pro already (as well as a dairy cow!) Before going into labor (almost 3 weeks early) I had bought some nursing tanks. I planned to get bras as well but little Nathaniel had other plans. I bought three different kinds of tanks, 2 of the expensive brands that everyone talks about (Glamourmom and Bravado) and one from Target. After a very short time, I had a definite clear favorite -

This Bravado tank is so supportive, actually attractive and flattering, and comfortable. It puts the other ones to shame. The glamourmom tank just has a weird shape that doesn't flatter, and the target one is such crap after one wash the straps were stretched out and the seams on the neckline were coming out. This Bravado one holds up so well and is so great, I've already bought more of them AND this nursing bra by them as well -

This company is making nursing a little easier for me, and allowing me to get back into regular clothes! The tanks are great under looser tops and cardigans, and the bra works under anything. It makes a big difference to a new mom to like what we see in the mirror so I'm extolling the virtues of these products.

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  1. I loved the bravado tanks and bras as well! Depending on how often you are out and about, I recommend the tanks, not only because it'll cover your middle while you nurse but also b/c it'll hold you in a bit. :) Def worth the $$ as I am still wearing them while nursing my 10mo.