Monday, March 19, 2012

the sundresses and maxi dresses come out to play!

time to stock up on spring and summer clothes for the kiddos (and yourself if like me, you've found your tanks are somehow all stained from cooking, cleaning, life with a babe....) Good thing Gap and Old Navy are having sales this week. Also, I have to say I've had my eye on a cute sundress from old navy - I love cheap summer clothes, I'll admit it. I sweat too much and spill too much to spend on my everyday clothes for hot weather. So I don't know what this will look like on, but I'm definitely going to find out!
Old Navy Women's Feather Print Drawstring Sundresses

Use code ONPLUSUP to get 10% off, or 15% of you use a gap/banana/old navy card.

Oh yeah, lot's of cute stuff for the kids too...

The Gap is 25% off today and tomorrow and 20% off on Wednesday.
From there I'm eying the maxi dresses (they come in petite!!!) in addition to all the kiddo clothes...

Gap Dotted Maxi Dress

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