Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm Done with Junkie Pj's!

Sorry Carters but I've had enough of your Toddler PJ's. They are made from a weird fabric, they don't wash well, they pill and I'm done! Through June 10, if you have a Gap card (or Banana or Old Navy) you can get 30% off everything on the Gap site so I'm stocking up on PJ's for Nate for the fall. They have a bunch that are marked down anyway, so with the additional 30% off they aren't that much more than the Carter's and they will probably actually make it to be a hand-me down (as opposed to the junkie ones I'll be throwing out soon).

These are just so cute -

Use code GCAPP to get the discount.

1 comment:

  1. OH WOW. You just cost me $218. :) I totally went crazy on the site right now. And i'm contemplating going back for more maternity stuff for the next pregnancy since I don't really have anything left after lending it out and never getting it back. LOVE those PJs. And, yes, I hate Carters, too! We are just about done with the hand-me-downs we got and these new Gap ones will come in handy! Thanks for sharing.