Wednesday, May 1, 2013

For your stubborn walker

My toddler loves to walk next to the stroller. It never seemed to go well if he helped push the stroller (falling, crying, etc) and once the stroller was configured for two kids it was so heavy to push with one hand while I held his hand in the other, I saw this handle and had to try it -
CLOSEOUT!! Hold On Handles Single Handle Set Fish
It's amazing. He LOVES his special handle, and will happily walk a great distance holding it. I need to get another one to keep on the car stroller. The carabeener stays on the stroller bar, you can even hang extra handles on that part if you have a couple kids to walk next to you. There are different colors/themes, so if your kid doesn't love fish as much as mine, you can find something else they might like.

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