Monday, April 25, 2011

Our New Sleep Method

We have been sleep training out of sheer desperation. We need sleep! I'm so sleep deprived and rundown that I got horribly sick this last week. We made it through the first couple of days of Passover at our Aunt and Uncle's house, to get home and become ridiculously sick. I'm talking two ear infections and an eye infection, and that's just the start for me. Anyway, we've been reading this sleep training book -

It sounds so sane, that the baby needs 3 naps and an early bedtime to be happy and well rested. Which also lead to happy and well-rested parents. So, as hard as it was to let little Nate cry it out, we have been doing it and it's gotten easier.  We did discover a few things that help him fall asleep and stay asleep longer, thanks to friends experiences - like stuffing him with as much breastmilk as possible, we're talking 8 oz. I didn't know he was capable of drinking so much at once yet, but he is. These bottles help us -

And then there is white noise. The magical white noise. We discovered it worked by accident, leaving a fan on. So we've been leaving a fan on high all night, but that didn't seem like a good long term option. So we got this sleep sheep noise machine -

It plays in 23 or 45 minute intervals, so it won't have to go on all night. I set it to 45 minutes on the rain sound (the heartbeat scared the crap out of him, guess he is too old to miss mom's heartbeat), and after a 8 oz bottle he squawked for about 5 minutes before passing out. Sleep training success! I have no idea if it will last, although last night there wasn't even any complaining before falling asleep!

* - I have to add a little update, that our little man is actually napping. In his bed. At the appointed hour. This is bliss.

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  1. Congratulations! I guess I should have told you a few of these things when I saw you last.... :)

    btw, sign up for a Saturday parent-tot swimming class as Jeff teaches all of them on Saturdays at the Y.