Thursday, April 14, 2011


I was never so interested in tunics. I thought they looked cute on other people but for a petite woman, they can be overwhelming. But I have changed my tune. I was looking through a little boutique here in Berkeley and decided to try on a couple. I thought they would be easy to wear now if they button down the front for nursing access, and I can wear them with slim leg jeans, skinny jeans or yes - the legging I was so against for so long. For the record, I still think leggings aren't pants, but under an appropriately long top, they do the job.

Anyway, the boutique had a few versions, one in a thick cotton with lovely embroidery, and a gorgeous red version of this one made by Velvet -

The cotton in the tunic by Velvet was thin and soft and draped much better than the other, it was also a slimmer cut which was much more flattering. The other one overwhelmed my frame. I ended up getting the red one - it's also machine washable which is a deal breaker these days considering how much of my time is spent with a now 4 month old(4 months already!). You can find the white and black versions at Revolve -

I also really like this one from Boden -

Embroidered Kaftan

I love the color and embroidery, that would be fun to wear with slim white capris.

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