Monday, July 18, 2011

30% off at

In case you needed another excuse to head back to the Gap website -

4 Day only! Get 30% off any Purchase at with coupon code GAP30. Ends 7/20.

People complain a lot about the Gap, but the baby clothes are just so adorable, and I'll say it again, the maternity clothes got me through my pregnancy. These days I'm wearing Gap tees since who knows what I will be getting on my clothes each day.

I don't buy a lot of clothes for Nate, I'm really lucky that we have had a constant stream of hand-me-downs from a friend and our cousin whose twin boys are a year older. Nate grandmother's and my sister also really enjoy shopping for him. But sometimes something is just so cute I can't leave it alone, like this outfit I just ordered for fall-

Gap Knit Striped Zip Jacket

Gap Knit waist jeans (dark wash)

I think I've posted those jeans before, but I love them! For a lot of families it just isn't worth spending much on baby clothes, but Nate is so skinny that he actually wears his clothes for quite a while so I don't mind buying something like this once in a while. Plus, with the sale price it's not so bad.

Happy shopping!

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