Friday, July 15, 2011

Organic, easy to carry baby food

I've been having fun making all of Nate's food for him since we started solids at 6 months. I make it a fun ritual of going to the farmer's market and picking out his food "together" - obviously a 6 month old doesn't have much say, but it's fun to do it together. Then I prepare it and freeze it in cubes.

But next month we are moving to Chicago, and driving there. We are planning to make a vacation out of it and take a week or so to make the drive. We won't be able to carry the food I've prepared with us, (or the frozen breast milk, sad) so I wondered what we would do for him. He isn't at the stage yet where he eats bits of what we eat, it's still purees, and single ingredient ones at that. Plus, I'm totally crazy about it all being organic so I can't assume we will be able to find the right things on the road.

I was checking out a baby food site I found recently, and there was a post about NurtureMe baby food,

It's dried organic baby food, stored in paper pouches (no plastic, so no BPA worries). You prepare it the way you would baby cereal - mix in breast milk, formula, or water or cow's milk for older kids. Each pouch makes the equivalent to a jar. That means no heavy jars, that means I wouldn't have to allot precious car space to a week's worth of baby food. So many positives, I have to try it. I've never seen it in person or tried it, but it sounds amazing and I'm definitely going to try it out. You can order it from their site, or it looks like it's available in all the usual stores as well (Babies R' Us,, Amazon, etc).

If you've used it, please let me know what you thought (or what your baby thought).


  1. we just got a few plum packages thinking about traveling as well. This food is already "wet" and can be "sucked" out of the foil pouch or squeezed onto a spoon. It also has a little (plastic) cap that can be reattached to the straw to keep cold for later. Caleb liked it and quickly learned to suck, although I didn't let go and give it to him to do by himself yet.

  2. I'm with Alison. The kind you're talking about is still way more of a pain than the pouches. Our favorite is Happybaby. It's Dr. Sears approved and way cheaper than Plum or Ella's Organics. Some of it also has Salba in it, which is a grain like quinoa that has fiber and protein. here is an example, but just search Happybaby on Amazon and a ton will come up:

    Also, make sure you get this spoon that screws onto the end of the pouch and then you've got NO mess to clean up!

    Let me know if you have questions!

  3. thanks guys, I just ordered the HappyBaby mango to try. Some of the brands make pouches that are too big, we won't have a fridge to keep things cold for the next meal and I don't know that we will have room for a cooler so I thought we'd try the smallest ones. I looked at the spoon that attaches and people complained that it's too big for their infant. Susan, did you have any issues with that?