Thursday, August 18, 2011

We Have Arrived (and maternity top sale!)

Well, we made it to Chicago. That's an accomplishment because we DROVE from Berkeley, with the baby of course. It was fun - we stopped to see sites like lake Tahoe, Arches National Park and Moab, Utah, Denver, Mt. Rushmore and the surrounding sites and finally the Mississippi river. Nate was a real trooper, in fact we think he loved it because he got to sleep with us every night - we didn't even bother setting up the pack n' play since we figured he would end up in our bed eventually anyway. Now we are trying to re-transition him to sleeping on his own...but our apartment isn't ready yet and we are camping out at my parents so we aren't doing such a great job at instituting a real schedule for him. Oh well.

In the meantime, I'm trying to get back to blogging, tweeting and working so, how about this great sale at Isabella Oliver where they are offering 25% off ruched tops like this tank perfect for layering all year -

Use code RUCHERAMA25 to get the discount.

Maternity A List banner - Angelina Jolie (250x250)

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