Monday, October 3, 2011

Outerwear #1 - babies

I started posting outerwear for women on my other blog, and thought it was time to start for the wee ones. So far I like these things from the gap -

The fleece hat and mitten set looks warm, the hat has a lot of coverage so it may actually stay on -

Gap Fleece Hat & Mittens

This one is just so cute with the antlers, there are other animals as well -

Gap Spooky Hat

This looks so cute and cozy -

Gap Fuzzy Fleece Hat & Mittens

This puffer coat is just so cute, and comes in other colors like navy and pink -

Gap Warmest Puffer Coat

I love this snow suit with detachable mittens and booties that have treads on them -

Gap Snow Puffer Suit

For 48 hours you can get 30% off everything from Banana, Gap and Old Navy (except the puffer coats and snow suits unfortunately, but those are $10 off) - use code 48HOURS!

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