Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rest for the weary bather (or their knees anyway)

I had a few clients a couple of years ago who all complained the knees of their jeans were fading, thinning and then ripping. As adult women who were long past the stage of thinking ripped jeans were cool they were dismayed that this was happening. Since I saw it in a few women all at once I realized it had to be from kneeling while they bathed their kids every night.

In Berkeley I also had to kneel to bathe Nate and it sucks. Mainly because I have bad knees anyway so this didn't really help the situation. Here I'm lucky that our bathtub has a wide enough side that I can sit on it comfortably.

But I did see these bath time kneeling mats that look amazing, I mean what a great idea. No regular bath or tub mat is thick enough to help, but these look really thick and plush, like a tumbling mat almost. These look like a great way to save your jeans, and your knees! Giggle has a couple of options, check them out -

This one is shaped like a whale, how cute!

Here is the top view of it -

That would make me happy I think, and you can hang it up from that loop if  you don't want to keep it on the floor all the time. I share my bathroom with Nate (it's the only bathtub) so I would rather have things that make me smile.

This one folds up so it's more compact for storage or carrying between bathrooms I suppose as well -

Either way, you can't lose. Find them both here -

Shop smart! Buy the giggle guide to baby gear.

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  1. We have this one: which is really nice because of the arm rest. I find that's the hardest part about giving the bath, my elbows. We don't use the pockets, but the kneeler and arm rest are great. I find that its high enough that I can sit on it (rather than kneel) and still reach him in the bath. Also, I think when you're done using it for the bath it can be used for a stool at the sink.