Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Zany Hat that just might stay on!

I have posted hats for kids and babies, it feels like lots of them, but most of them are no match for our little one who will rip it off if it isn't crazy glued to him. My sister suggested a balaklava but I hadn't looked for one and then I saw these from Hanna Andersson -

The Zippity Zany hat from Hanna Andersson, this is what it looks like on a kid -

And the mittens look like they'd be easier to get on, and with that string through our little man's coat, they won't get lost even if he rips them off his hands.

And then there is this too - Save Up to 50% OFF Select Items at Hanna's More the Merrier Sale! Nov 14 - Dec 18

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