Friday, January 13, 2012

A Weekender

When we go away for a weekend Greg and Nate are packed well, 1 bag each, all the necessities tucked away. Me, not so much. I have the right suitcase for flying, I have great purses (way too many I'm afraid) but for weekend trips when we drive, I'm a mess. Years ago I got one of those monogrammed boat and tote bags with a zippered top, which is great but way too small. I end up overstuffing it and not being able to close it and then packing other bags (usually the reusable totes I should leave just for groceries). It's a sad state of affairs and drives Greg CRAZY! Particularly because on our road trip from CA to Chicago he had to shlep my million bags from the car into motels every night.

Today we are going to Cleveland for the long weekend to visit Greg's grandmother, and I finally did it - I bought myself a proper weekend bag. I don't know what I was waiting for, it wasn't expensive, and it's not like it's purchasing something to last forever, in the end it was such an easy decision and I'm happy. I got a Lesportsac weekender bag, that was on sale at Shopbop. The one I got was a black quilted pattern, but they have other colors on sale that might be easier to use - with a big black bag things can disappear on the bottom, never to be found until you unpack completely and turn the bag over and shake it out.

I like this one -

There are other patterns available.


  1. I like this vera bradley one, or even the larger size. you can really get a lot in there. The only thing is that I worry about putting it down anywhere that might be dirty or wet, so its great for the car, but I wouldn't bring in to a train or airplane, although I've seen plenty of people do that too.

  2. I know a lot of people like the Vera Bradley bags, and I think they're fine when I see other people using them, but personally I just couldn't get one. I think it's something about the pattern plus the quilting. I just don't like them enough.