Thursday, September 16, 2010

a great maternity dress

While away we attended a few family events. For someone who is used to always having the right dress in the closet already, packing was a little stressful now that I'm only wearing maternity clothes.  I thought the best thing I could do would be to buy a basic dress that I could wear to all different kinds of events, for work, and would fit in subsequent pregnancies. What better than a well made and well-designed wrap dress? I bought the black version of this one -

It's really perfect. Other wrap dresses (even DVF ones) have to be retied frequently and can be too low cut, but I didn't have any issues like that with this Isabella Oliver maternity dress. It's also a great length, which is not always right for someone a little on the short side like me. I would be too concerned about shape to have a maternity dress altered, so it was very important that this dress not need to be shortened.

I got a few other things as well, and had free lightening fast shipping. I will report back when I wear those other items!

*** update - for some reason the link to the dress isn't working for me, if it isnt' working for you either try this one - Iconic wrapping and ruching for every stage. Update your pregnancy wardrobe with Isabella Oliver Maternity this Fall.

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