Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Workout/Loungewear Need Not be Maternity...

I've been meaning to buy workout or yoga pants for myself, I'm just reaching that point where my regular options don't work quite so well (they sit too low with a regular drawstring waist) and the only pair of lounge pants I wear now have a very stretchy roll waist. So when I looked around a bit recently I thought, why spend a lot on yoga pants by the Gap or some other company that doesn't specialize in those kinds of pants and are sure to pill, tear or just look worn out very quickly? Well, no reason considering there are real yoga pant options out there that will work just fine with a growing belly. Take these for example -

They are great pants in their own right, and with a low, rollable waist band, why wouldn't they work over my growing belly? And then they will still work really well AFTER the baby comes too, something important to think about. I would probably get a size bigger than normal so there is a little extra room.

The pair above are on sale at Revolve, there are also other color combos to choose from including prints on the rolling band.

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