Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Co-Sleeper Dilemma

Nate is only 3 months old, but is already outgrowing his bassinet. We aren't ready to move him to a crib yet, so for now he will move into a pack n' play. We didn't really know how this would work before, his sleeping arrangement I mean, and next time we will definitely get something bigger for the baby (our current bassinet was a hand-me-down). This is what I'm thinking -

The Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper -

Arms Reach Mini Co-Sleeper In Natural

It doesn't convert to a play yard like some other others, we don't need that feature because we already have a pack n' play.

But it's also still kind of small, so there is the full size co-sleeper  (which does convert to a play yard so it's two things in one) -

Arms Reach Original Co-Sleeper In Natural

But they just aren't pretty, so if you want your co-sleeper to be an attractive piece of furniture they also make them in a sleigh style from wood -

Arms Reach Co-Sleeper In White Sleigh

While the first two co-sleepers have weight restrictions of 30-50 lbs, this last one, because it's made of solid wood, holds up to 500 lbs. Obviously you aren't going to have a 500 lb baby, but it's nice to know it's so solid that an older child pulling on it or jumping wouldn't be able to break it. has some deals going on these days (in addition to free shipping) -
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  1. even with the smaller ones, a 30-50 lbs. baby is going to be pretty big. Caleb is 9 months, probably about 30 inches and only about 22lbs. He stands up in his full size crib. He would jump out of that before he outgrew it by weight.