Monday, March 28, 2011

to swaddle or not to swaddle

We have tried alot of different swaddling techniques and tools and our little Houdini manages to get out of each one, some take longer than others though. part of the problem admittedly, is that we are too nice. We feel badly about doing it really tightly even thought we know intellectually that babies like it, even need it.

At first we were using blankets, but every nurse in the hospital showed us a different technique which meant we didn't get very good at any of them. Then we had this Miracle blanket -

Which was great, and we have friends who SWEAR by it, but again, we are softies who had a hard time wrapping him up tightly enough in it.

So we moved on to the Halo Sleepsack swaddle -

which did work for a good long while, until I caught him one night - while sleeping- struggling to get his arms out, and succeeding. We do still use it, and if he is really tired it's great, he doesn't seem to bother working his arms out, but if we velcro it a little too loose, he is out in about 2 minutes.

So now, we are on to this one -

I'm hoping it will hold him until he is rolling over - which actually looks like it will happen soon...whoa.


  1. Have you tried the Woombie? I didn't see it in your list, but that doesn't mean you haven't tried it. I meant to send you one before he was born but never got around to it. Bad friend. Anyway, it's THE ONLY thing that he couldn't get out of and he loved it, until he decided he needed his hand in his mouth. Give it a shot: I hope you find that it works for you!!

  2. we used the halo swaddler (similar to the miracle blanket above) but he liked his hands out. I would put his hands out under the wrap around and then he wouldn't struggle to pull his arms out. it looked funny, but worked.