Monday, May 9, 2011

Cute Summer Dress

I am loving this Patterson J. Kincaid linen dress for Summer -

Patterson J. Kincaid Linen Priscilla Tank Dress

I love the easy fit and drape of it, and the BUTTONS! I thought I wouldn't be able to wear a dress for ages, but this one has buttons which makes nursing or pumping possible. Amazing.

It looks a little sheer but it's lined. And I think you could dress it up for work with a cardigan or blazer and closed toe pumps or flats, or wear it for a more relaxed weekend look with sandals and a long necklace.

And speaking of necklaces, I had my first mother's day as a mom yesterday! It was so nice, we went out for breakfast and Greg surprised me with an actual gift - a necklace with a gold disk with Nathaniel's name on it and his birthstone. It's really lovely. He even got the chain length right - 18", anything shorter just doesn't hit at a flattering point and I feel strangled. So all in all, even with the new 4:30 am wake up time (I really hope we can figure out a way to fix that, I am going to have to refer to the sleep guru - what would Weissbluth say???), it was a great first Mother's day!

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