Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A New Bottle for Mom

I get a lot of emails from PR people offering me articles, photos, even stuff. I almost always immediately delete them, but over the last few weeks I got a couple of emails I actually answered because they were offering products that sounded interesting to me, and thus I figured might be interesting to you. The first is what I'm writing about today (the second will come in a few days after I've tried it out a few more times). The Bobble water bottle - 

Why bother with a new water you might ask? I asked the same thing, but then I opened the box and found this really light bottle has it's own charcoal filter, like a portable britta. I love that because when I'm out shopping with clients I don't want to buy bottled water, it's so wasteful both in terms of the plastic and the cash. This way I could fill the bottle at a sink and it filters as you squeeze it out into your mouth. I'm a little nervous it will spill in a bag, but I threw it in my purse this morning for my early morning coffee run with the baby, and it was fine.

The big thing is that I really have found it nice for nursing. The "bottle" type thing I was using to drink from until now was the large cup with a top, handle and straw attachment that I got in the hospital. Everyone who gives birth in that hospital has it, so it's funny to go to people's homes and see it. We all use it for months, but I have no idea if its BPA free (which now might not mean so much unfortunately but still...) and I don't feel like it gets quite clean enough. If I don't use that I use a glass which has gotten dicey as Nate is stronger and flails his top arm when he nurses, he has at times knocked the glass into my teeth which isn't good. So, back to the bobble. It's not perfect. The water doesn't come out as quickly as it does a regular bottle, I generally don't choose to use the squeeze top part if there is an alternative but with this one you are stuck with that, and occasionally if I pull too hard on the cap the spout (which is attached to the filter) might come off too, but all in all it's a nice option to have.

They say the filter lasts for 2 months, and a replacement is $7. You can buy the bottle and replacement filters all over the place (which surprised me as I've never noticed them before), including Amazon -

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