Monday, October 15, 2012

It's Valco Baby, Baby

So, as some people may have gathered from the last post (or maybe not) I'm pregnant, and those maternity jeans were on my mind because boy did I need them! With Nate, I didn't move into maternity clothes until halfway through, this time I think it was 8 weeks. Oh well. There are other things to obsess over as I prepare for our second child (so many things)- like a double stroller.

Our regular, amazing stroller turns into a fantastic double, the Baby Jogger City Select, but we will need a lighter one that is easier to fold to keep in the car and I think I've found the one!

First, I should say how much we love the city select, it's really been a great stroller for us and I'm looking forward to tooling around the neighborhood with the 2 of them in it, but I haven't taken the thing apart since we moved to Chicago last year. I don't fold it and put it in the car, I try not to lift it. I know plenty of people who do, including a friend who takes hers apart and tosses it into her trunk sometimes 3 times a day. So it's definitely possible.

But not for me. Because I found this one - Valco Baby Zee Twin Stroller In Blue Opal The Valco Baby Zee Twin. It's relatively light, really easy to push, has a huge basket with good access (relative to all the other doubles)and is easy to fold and unfold. After I watched a few review videos I knew it was the one (go ahead, google them, you know you want to) You can also put a carseat on one side. Oh, and another cool thing, when you fold it up, the seats are on the inside, instead of outside like in the city mini double. For someone as, um, particular, as me, that's a good thing. Click on the photo above to check it out at, where you can get 15% off right now. A very good deal.

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