Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mama wants a brand new bag

A diaper bag, that is.

7 A.M. Enfant Large Voyage Bag In Black
The 7 A.M Enfant Large Voyage bag.
It's big, has tons of compartments, even a diaper clutch kind of thing you can take instead of the bigger bag. It goes with the rest of their line which I love, I don't have the stroller blanket, but when Nate was tiny I brought him to Chicago in the winter and got him the booties and mittens from Gilt and they are so cute. I just pulled them out for the girl, it's going to be cold here after all...

Anyway, back to the bag, did I mention it looks big? I'm going to be carrying out diapers and other stuff for 2 kids, I need room. Snacks for Nate, maybe a bottle for the new baby, especially if Greg might take both kids out. Man, that sounds like so much prep, maybe we'll just stay inside for the first few months...although the bag will hopefully make it easier to go out.

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