Friday, October 1, 2010

Isabella Oliver 1 Day Sale

Enjoy 25% off Women’s Fashion at Isabella Oliver 365 for 1 day only. Enter WeAre7 at the checkout

This is such a great deal, I already think the wrap dresses are worth every penny, at 25% off I would buy other things as well, like this gorgeous top -

Or this coat -

I really love both the top and the coat, as I've feeling more and more like a beached whale it seems even more important that I love what I'm wearing so I feel good about myself. Even better, they design their clothes so that they are wearable for the "4th trimester" after the baby is on the outside. I like the idea of clothes that not only work for a few months after the baby is born, but are definitely so well made, they will last to another pregnancy.

So get to shopping!

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