Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nursing PJ's and Robes

As my pregnancy progresses, I realize it might be time to start thinking more about nursing clothes than maternity clothes and I've focused on nursing pj's thinking those are what I will wear most the first couple of weeks. It will be raining here and cold - apartments here are not well heated or insulated so it gets cold even though it doesn't actually often go below 50 degrees.


Japanese Weekend makes some nice looking nursing pj's, like these -

A lot of the other ones I've seen are short sleeved or sleevless, so if we go that route, how about a comfy new robe? For some reason that really sounds like a lovely thing to buy myself -

Juicy Couture Heavenly Hearts Modal Robe in Black

Juicy Couture Ruffle Heart Basic Robe in Heather Cozy

So then middle of the night feedings, or morning or afternoon feedings for that matter, a little more comfortable. Who needs to change when you can throw a comfy new and cute robe on over the pj's and  then it's ok if there are tons of people around also. I wouldn't recommend staying in Pj's for too long, but for a couple of's bound to happen.

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  1. you know, the hospital gave me a nice robe in a gift basket when i left. totally awesome, but i never used it.