Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adorable little dresses

I am so in love with the adorable tiny little dresses at baby Gap these days, I can't get over how sweet they are! I just want to buy them all and give them out as gifts since I know it's not 'the best' idea to horde them for myself hoping our next kid will be a girl (although believe me I was tempted)... some of my favorites -

Gap Baby Flutter Sleeve Print Dress

Gap Floral piped dress

There are a couple of tops that they don't make in smaller than 2T sizes (or at least I couldn't find it for babies) that I LOVE -

Gap Baby Crochet Puff-Sleeve Top

Gap Baby Smocked Coral Print Top

How cute are all of those? And with all their sales and special offers they become very affordable.

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