Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maternity Dresses for Special Events and Everyday

I have a client who is just entering her 2nd trimester with several formal events to attend in the next month. That could be a scary time to have to deal with dressing rooms, 3 way mirrors and clothes that will quickly become too tight. Enter my maternity clothes savior and oft blogged about store - Isabella Oliver.  I was invited to a wedding in my last trimester, if I had been able to attend (a 5 hour flight at 37 weeks is a no-go) I absolutely would have worn this dress -

When else can you wear a dress that form fitting and not have to worry about a tummy bulge? It's perfect!

And for a a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner, this dress is cute (and 20% off this week) -

And if you want a floor length dress for a formal event, they have that too!

Or this adorable dress, perfect for pretty much everything -

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