Thursday, June 2, 2011

Airplane Germs?

Thanks to my new obsession with Twitter (follow me @Elena_Rose_) I saw an article about the art of keeping you and your kids germ free while flying. I definitely have a tendency to freak out about germs and airplane bathrooms are just gross so I do appreciate such info...although it's a little crazy. They list an air purifier you can buy and attach it to the overhead air nozzle, as well as things like vitamin C and echinacea. I think I'll stick to the wet ones and purell. Also love my trick packing big plastic bags with a disposable changing mat and a diaper. Then you don't have to put anything back in the diaper bag once it's been in the yucky airplane bathroom. Terrible for the environment but great for my germo-phobe peace of mind.  It's worth the 2 minutes it will take to read it anyway, and hopefully it won't make you crazy.

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