Friday, June 10, 2011

We all need a little help (from our shapewear)

A friend wrote the other day looking for new shapewear to help her with her post-baby problem areas. She complained about her tummy and muffin top, and said that she needs shapewear that's long enough and has thick straps to cover a bra. I was of course more than happy to help with a few (or excessive) suggestions.

the Yummie Tummie shaping nursing tank -

I like Yummie Tummie in general because they look like regular tanks on the top and bottom in case they peek out, but in the middle they are shapewear to smooth everything out. It's such a great idea!

If you don't need nursing but would prefer a thicker strap that covers a bra strap (as opposed to their more common spaghetti strap that you can also find through the link) -

This is the spanx version -

This Sassybax shaping top has underwire, so you don't have to wear a bra underneath it -

And this Yummie Tummie slip looks like it would be amazing to wear under dresses -

There are a million more options if you didn't see something that appeals to you -
Bare Necessities

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