Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Nap-Time Workout

I recently saw a blog called the Nap Time Chef. I thought that was so smart, and realized most of us, when home with young kids, are the nap-time everything. When else are we going to get anything done? Then, I was so happy when a PR firm offered me the new Bar Method DVDs to try out and review for the blog. I was definitely not going to refuse them, the 2-DVD set is the perfect nap-time workout.

I've been wanting to try a Bar Method class for years, but there is no studio on our side of the Bay, and I just never seemed able to work a visit to one of the locations into my schedule. With the baby that certainly wasn't going to happen now. And yet also because of the baby I'm in serious need of exercise. Enter these videos. Each one has an hour long workout including warm up and stretching. If your kid reliably naps that long, great. On occasion I've had to wait until after bedtime to do it, Nate is not a consistent napper.

I don't have any special equipment, I used my yoga mat on the living room floor, a throw pillow instead of the ball, and 2 28 oz cans for weights (short notice, I didn't realize I needed anything until the video started and our barbells are way too heavy!) I also used a bunched up beach towel for a few moves. If I were to buy any piece of equipment I'd say it would be the ball, it's used in many of the exercises and would be very helpful.

I thought the workout was great. After the first couple of times I felt sore, and that dissipated and I felt stronger. It's only been a couple of weeks but I do imagine I would see results pretty soon if I keep it up. I tried the first video a couple of times, then switched to the second. While the moves are similar, the workouts seem different enough so that they emphasize different areas and you don't feel like you are doing exactly the same thing.

I do feel a little awkward watching it, I'm not going to lie that it's a little weird when Burr Leonard, the woman who started the Bar Method and leads the workouts is telling you to "give it to the ball." Weird.  And yet the workout works, and really, since the baby is napping and I'm alone with the workout, who cares?

You can get the videos and equipment here.

I see there is a pregnancy workout video as well. That's great, since there was nothing on Comcast on-demand that worked - much of the workouts were done lying on your back which is a no-no after the middle of the 2nd trimester. That's a DVD I'd order during the next pregnancy.

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