Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Amazing Maternity Trousers

The first maternity clothes I had to buy were bottoms, from a comment that came through the other day I'd say I'm not the only one. That first thickening of the waist at the end of the first trimester is mostly only noticeable to you, but it's a big change when some pants won't close, or are really uncomfortable. So...what do we do? I was able to wear pants and skirts that had been a bit big on me beforehand, that worked for a few weeks, but then those were too tight in the tummy (but nowhere else, it's so weird!) and  it just seemed to make sense to start buying maternity clothes. I knew I needed a couple pairs of jeans, a pair of nice black pants and another pair of trousers, and they needed to work throughout the rest of the pregnancy. I found these fabulous gray trousers at Overstock of all places - 

Chaiken Women's Maternity Flare Cuff Trousers

They sit below the belly, with an adjustable elastic band in that waist (it adjusts with buttons on the inside). I love these pants. they do slide down a bit, but they will get a little more snug as I get further along. The pant legs are amazing, they are slimming and with low heels on make me look tall. It can be hard to watch yourself grow, and deal with a closet full of clothes and ACTUALLY nothing to wear, I'd say order these immediately! 

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