Friday, August 27, 2010

A Non-Maternity Dress perfect for the Bump

So as I said I would, I went to Old Navy yesterday looking for some warm-weather options, of course just as the heat wave here broke. But, we are going to the East Coast next week so I know I will need it then...I was really disappointed with the in-store maternity section (best to order online where they have everything) but I thought there must be a few things in the non-maternity section I could wear, at least for the next few weeks, which at Old Navy prices is acceptable. And, with the bonus of knowing that if it holds up, I will be able to wear it after I have the baby, since everything I buy will be a size or two bigger than my normal one.

Lo and behold, I tried on this dress and loved it -

Old Navy Womens Ruffle-Neck Chambray Dresses

It's a very lightweight chambray (which, as a plus, is very in right now!) so it's almost sheer. I tried it on with one of those fabulous camisoles I posted about back in the very beginning of the blog, and it was great. Without the camisole it was a little bare on top, not great when your bust is much bigger than it used to be! I got it a size or two above what I normally would have worn, and the elastic empire waist sits perfectly between my bust and my belly, I'm not too big yet so the front doesn't look oddly short either, that's important to check for if you are trying out non-maternity clothes with a bump (if you are farther along, you might need to go up even one MORE size to prevent too much of that). The ruffle is really nice - it frames the face and draws attention where you want it. Too often maternity clothes seem to be designed so that we only see the bump, or whatever else may have grown in the meantime, and it can be hard to just feel pretty in something. This really is a great dress for that. Even better, with the 30% off through Sunday, it's about $20. You can't beat that for a cute summer dress.

Have a great weekend!

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