Monday, August 16, 2010

Themed Sleep Sack

Our baby isn't due until December, and I'm terribly superstitious so we haven't bought a single thing for him yet, but we have been seriously tempted by one thing -

A transportation themed sleep sack! Greg is a transportation planner, so how could this not be on our list of musts, I mean we do need to have a sleep sack anyway, right? We can add it to the list of other transportation themed things I've bought over the years - cookie cutter, pancake molds,  a train cake pan, we even got a train shaped sandwich cutter for our wedding. That last one might be a little ridiculous, but the sleep sack will actually be quite useful because infants can't sleep with blankets in their crib.

1 comment:

  1. That train shaped sandwich cutter will be gold in about two years. Little boys love trains. Jonah would go nutty if I made his sandwhiches into trains (too bad his bread is so small). BTW. the sleepsack is fantastic!