Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fun with Paper

I love stationary and stationary stores. There are so many cute things, and when you have a baby you have an actual reason to buy some of them. How exciting! There are shower invitations, thank you notes, fun photo albums, stamps and stickers would be great fun too although maybe going a little overboard for many.

There are a couple of ways to do a birth announcement or birth announcement/thank you. You can go with a personalized one with a photo on the front, there are a lot of online places you can do that, or probably also at any store that prints photos. Your other option is to get a lot of small sized photos of your baby printed, and put those into regular thank you cards. When you do it the second way, you can prepare by stocking up on thank you notes before the baby is born, and even address and stamp the envelopes in those days while you anxiously await the arrival of the little one. Then, when you are ready, just get the pictures printed, stick them in and drop all the prepared envelopes into the mail. And look at all these adorable thank you note options -

Stork 4 Bar Thank You Notes - Set of 10 folded cards

Bluebell Birds & Leaves Letterpress Thank You Notes - Set of 8 folded cards

Pom Pom Letterpress Thank You Notes -  Set of 6 folded cards

There are many more where those came from!


  1. Elena, Perhaps you are so motivated to address thank you notes in advance. Others of us like to wait for our baby's arrival with tv each her own!

  2. But isn't it the perfect thing to do WHILE watching tv? I'm not very good at only doing one thing at a time...