Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Maternity Jumpsuit? Really?

I saw this on The Cut yesterday - Princess Mary of Denmark, who is pregnant with twins out in a strapless maternity jumpsuit -

Hmmm. She doesn't look very far along, so maybe she doesn't have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes yet, but a jumpsuit just doesn't seem like a good idea ever, let alone in maternity-wear. I know Heidi Klum is trying to bring back overalls, but that just sounds ridiculous to me. Overalls haven't been OK for anyone other than a carpenter or plumber for YEARS (unless you are under 10 years old, then it's just cute) but this jumpsuit idea, while perhaps more stylish, still doesn't sound like anything I would try. The strapless part would also pose a problem when your cups runneth over during pregnancy.

There is this version from Isabella Oliver that at least has straps -

So if you feel the need to try out this trend, at least you can have straps on it so you can wear a proper bra! I'm still not sold on it, not even close.


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