Monday, August 23, 2010

My New Computer! And a Maternity Tee Shirt

I got a new computer on Thursday evening, I am now officially a Mac user. Crazy. But it means I've spent the weekend obsessively playing with it, setting up the mail program and figuring out a few things. Everything except coming up with new posts. Woops.  Although my choice to move to Mac is relevent - I wanted it for photos and videos for when the baby comes. I still need to move over a lot of things from my old computer before it totally dies, including my ridiculously huge list of bookmarks so I can remember all the things I wanted to post about.

But I'll leave you with this great Michael Stars maternity shine tee that is on sale -

Michael Stars Maternity Shine Short Sleeve Scoop Neck

There are actually a fair number of maternity pieces on that site, including some tees and dresses on sale!

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