Saturday, August 14, 2010

A first layer for a first post

Welcome to my new blog! I still have my "regular" one going, Shopping Made Simple, but as my own fashion needs have changed I thought I might share what I find. I'm about 21 weeks along at the moment, and just in the past couple of weeks have had to move to almost only maternity clothes (thank goodness for flowy tops that are so popular these days), certainly pants and skirts anyway. The first problem I found, was that tanks and camisoles were getting too short. Or perhaps I should say my belly has been getting a little too big for my normal tanks and camisoles to cover it all!

Lucky for me I found these Old Navy camisoles early on -

Old Navy Maternity Seamless Layering Tanks

They are a great thick stretchy fabric that would smooth anyone out under all kinds of tops, or act as a great layer under sweaters as Fall approaches...they come in black as shown above, as well as white and nude. I got my first one in nude and have worn it so much I want to get the other two colors. It's really long, and has a lot of room to grow in the belly - perfect!


  1. Congratulations, Elena! I'm expecting in Dec as well - due 12/3. Other than work pants (I needed those almost right off the bat), I've been surprised at how long I've managed to keep my regular wardrobe going. At 24 weeks, though, my cardigans are all screaming at me, so I'll have to check your suggestions for those.

  2. Congratulations to you too Lorin! So exciting! It's true, pants were the first necessity. Interesting about cardigans - are you looking for anything in particular?